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Detox Your Lungs. Breathe Better.

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Thalisapathra, Kandahari, Tylophora Asthmatica, Piper Longum, Chebula Terminalia, Adhatoda Vasica, Piper Nigrum, Solanum Xanthocarpum


As recommended on the bottle or prescribed by the healers of Atmantan Naturals.


Don’t let respiratory issues hold you back. Even at peak allergy season! Atmantan Naturals Breathe Easy is a specially formulated mix that counters inflammation and helps your lungs power through anything you set your mind and body to do. So go forth bravely, be unstoppable -  we’ve got you!

  • Improves respiratory efficiency
  • Eases breathing difficulties
  • Builds respiratory immunity
  • Breaks mucus immediately, aiding expectoration of phlegm
  • Detoxes lungs
  • Protects against seasonal allergies


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Questions & Answers

What does Atmantan Naturals Breathe Easy treat? Can it treat persistent cough?

Atmantan Naturals Breathe Easy improves respiratory efficiency, eases breathing difficulties, and builds respiratory immunity as well. It is especially effective in breaking up the mucus, thereby making it easier for you to cough out phlegm that is produced in many respiratory conditions. Simultaneously, it also detoxes the lungs and protects you from seasonal allergies.

What are the key ingredients of Atmantan Naturals Breathe Easy?
I am suffering from allergic bronchitis, can Atmantan Naturals Breathe Easy help?
How do I benefit from this formulation?