Best 5 foods for Asthma

Dr. Manoj Kutteri
July 30, 2022

Asthma is one of the common chronic diseases which affect all age groups. This striking increase in the prevalence of this respiratory condition over the recent past is due to shifts in lifestyle, environmental factors, and consumption of processed and unbalanced diets. Before decoding the steps of managing asthma, one needs to understand what asthma is? Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease where there is increased airway responsiveness and obstruction. What causes obstruction? Is it like pressing the tube in the middle, constricting the flow of the air? Perhaps it is that the tubes inside our lungs that deliver air, known as bronchi, become inflamed. When this happens, the muscles of the bronchial walls tighten and extra mucus is produced, causing the airway to narrow. All these changes leave very little room for the air to get through. This is the sole reason people having asthma experience breathlessness, sudden coughing, chest tightness, and so on. If you are somebody who experiences asthmatic symptoms often or knows someone who has it, then you are at the right place to comprehend the ways to take an edge of it. This article highlights the most crucial foods that help you with easing the symptoms of asthma.

What are the triggers of asthma?

The overall cause of asthma is complex. It is influenced by both genetics and environmental factors. Here are some of the trigger factors that induce an episode of asthma,

  • Infection and inflammation
  • Gastric issues (gastro esophageal reflux disease)
  • Obesity
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Allergens
  • Stress and strong emotions
  • Heredity
  • Cold outdoor temperature
  • Certain medications (aspirin or ibuprofen)

Another interesting fact that startles you is that our gut micro biome can also induce asthma. Isn’t it surprising to know that not only external factors but our internal imbalances can also be a cause of asthma?

Now let’s dive in to know more about the foods and herbs that ameliorate the condition.

1. Fruits and vegetables:

Though it may seem simple to follow, it is very indispensable to add fruits and vegetables to our diet. Certain fruits and veggies are loaded with antioxidants like apples, oranges, papaya, berries, spinach, broccoli, and onions. With the right quantity, they can negate the inflammation of the airway. Consumption of whole fruit is better than having fruit juices as it contains a high amount of sugar that further kindles the process of inflammation. Antioxidants can reduce airway inflammation by protecting the airways against both endogenous (inflammatory cells and free radicals) and exogenous (dust, smoke) oxidants. Lycopene, an important antioxidant present in tomatoes, melons, and apricots has a potent ability to reduce oxidative damage to the airways. It can also be available as a supplement in the market. Atmantan Naturals provide a best-curated lycopene extract supplement to diminish the inflammatory substances and also improve the functions of the immune system.


Ginger is a traditional herb used for eons for the treatment of several ailments like stomach aches, arthritis, gastric issues, and respiratory diseases. An important component of ginger namely gingerol and shogaol has proven to bring down the inflammation and relax the constriction by acting on the smooth muscles of the airway. It is mainly beneficial for allergic asthma since it suppresses the inflammatory-inducing immune cells T- helper cells 2 which in turn level up the cytokines (substances that kick off inflammation) like IL-4and IL-5. Various studies have proven the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of ginger extract. It can be consumed as ginger tea added with honey helps to relieve symptoms by thawing the mucus and smoothening the airway.


Conventional medicine for treating asthma may help to ease the symptoms for time being. In the longer run, our body gets adapted to the steroid used and will no longer be effective. Additionally, they possess a lot of inevitable side effects. Traditional herbs and their extracts are saviors in the treatment of asthma. Some of the medicinal herbs like Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Adhatoda (Adhatoda vasica), Pepper, and Thippali have shown an incredible effect on the air passages because of their anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-microbial, and expectorant properties. Using them in the right combination and in the right proportion is essential. Consumption of herbs should be done under proper guidance. If you have a whit of doubt about how to obtain these herbs or to consume them, you can shed the worry off, as Atmantan naturals have a formalized mixture of certain herbs called “Breathe Easy” which improves the respiratory efficiency, protects against allergies, thaws the mucus and help to eliminate it. The physicians would analyze the root cause and prescribe you the right combination.


The Gut is a complex organ, which has its connections to every organ. Several studies have shown the role of microbiota in the regulation of the immune system and the development of asthma. Similar to the gut microbiome, the lung also possesses a few proportions of microbiota, that cross-talks with the gut to form a gut-lung axis. When there is a shift in the microbiome, our immune system would flip out and over-function if it encounters an allergen. In another case, with excess use of antibiotics and medications, there is a destruction of good bacteria and overgrowth of unwanted microbes especially fungi, triggering the immune system to produce a lot of pro-inflammatory mediators. The same happens in leaky gut. As a result, these mediators affect the airway and its microbiome causing hyperresponsiveness and allergic asthma. In this case, there will be an elevated level of IgE antibodies (a protein that fights allergic substances). Probiotics, a combination of good bacteria restore the microbial balance within the gut and also strengthen the immune system. Sometimes, people with asthma wouldn’t be able to consume certain probiotics like buttermilk as it may trigger the episode. In such cases, kefir or fermented veggies can be the best alternatives. To make it easier and save your time, Atmantan Naturals provide a probiotic formula “PRE-GUT”, that effectively re-inoculates and replenishes the balance.


Omega-3 fatty acids are inflammation-resolving components that impede the production of pro-inflammatory mediators. Omega-3 fatty acids namely EPA and DHA have multiple roles to play in alleviating the ailments. A study has shown that people who consume omega-3 fatty acids have a lower risk of having asthma and allergic disease. It is because of its anti-inflammatory property and its ability to scavenge the free radicals produced during the metabolic processes. It decreases the production of prostaglandins and leukotrienes (initiators of inflammation) which constricts the smooth muscle and does not let the air pass through. Some of the omega-3-rich foods include fish (Mackerel, sardines), chia seeds, flaxseeds, nuts like walnuts, and kidney beans.

Bronchial asthma is a disease that can be resolved with a proper diet and breathing exercises. Although we have an array of medications that keep a tab on lung health, it doesn’t give a permanent solution for the root problem. Everyone is looking for a holy grail or a magic bullet that cures the disease, unfortunately, there is none. The continuous consumption of broncho-dilators can only weaken the muscle of the respiratory passages and provide you an ephemeral relief just like a tip of an iceberg. A proper nutritional plan and a little bit of conviction can be the first step on the road to recovery. Atmantan Naturals Asthma Management Kit includes combination of supplements that does wonders in relieving the symptoms and improving the condition by fixing it on a cellular level. there is no truer adage than “you are what you eat”. Plan what you eat sensibly with an expert.

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