Seven research-backed supplements for PCOS

Dr. Manoj Kutteri
June 17, 2022

PCOS, synonymized to be PCOD is a ubiquitous condition among women of reproductive age. The egg factory of our body gets enlarged with cysts, which precludes it from releasing the eggs regularly. It is a complex disorder that involves metabolic, hormonal, reproductive, and psychological aspects of the system, and its symptoms vary for each individual. Various studies suggest that insulin resistance and excess androgen are the main causative factors for the occurrence of the disease. The main concerns for people with PCOS are weight gain, irregular periods, acne issues, and excess hair fall. It is vital to know that “you can easily treat PCOS in all-natural ways by taking baby steps and changing your lifestyle.” The three excellent inciting remedies for these concerns are exercise, diet, and nutrient supplements. In this article, you will get to know the seven best supplements to take an edge on PCOS.


The initial step to attenuate the disorder is by addressing insulin resistance. Omega 3 fatty acids, namely eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), aid in regulating the factors responsible for insulin resistance. In PCOS, insulin dysfunction happens through a vicious cycle. Insulin, being a gatekeeper for the fatty acids, gets blocked by the cell resulting in more fat storage in adipose tissue (fat storing structure of the body) and causing the resistance to insulin. Adipose tissue has been deemed a hormone secreting organ that secretes leptin and various cytokines. These cytokines are inflammation-inducing substances that make the insulin receptors go crazy and unrecognize their substrate insulin. Omega 3 fatty acids come to play as a knight in shining armour that stalls the inflammation and utilizes the fat stored in adipose tissue for energy and regulates metabolism. When the inflammation is downregulated, the insulin sensitivity of the cells improves. Omega 3 fatty acids can be obtained from plants like nuts and seeds and animal sources like fatty fish such as salmon, sardines, mackerel, etc. Compared to plant sources, the body readily utilizes omega-3 fatty acids obtained from animal sources. Although we get enough omega-3 from foods, does it really meet our daily dietary allowance? Here comes the saviour, the supplements of omega-3 would help us fulfil our body’s needs. To make your way more accessible, Atmantan Naturals curates the best omega-3 supplement, which helps to end this vicious cycle.


Inositol is referred to as vitamin B8, but paradoxically, it is not a vitamin; it is a kind of sugar with several essential functions to dwindle the harmful consequences of PCOS. It improves insulin sensitivity and regulates ovulation as it is a crucial component in the functioning pathway of both insulin and follicular stimulating hormone. It does wonders with the combination of folic acid (vitamin B9). There are two types of inositol, namely, Myo-inositol and D-chiro-inositol, and has a contrary effect on ovarian hormones and insulin. Primarily for PCOS, Myo-inositol is considered to be the best. It regulates the messaging system of hormones, thereby helping in insulin sensitivity, decreasing the level of androgens, improving ovulation, and preventing the excess storage of triglycerides. Foods like dried prunes, cantaloupes, citrus fruits, beans such as lima and navy, grains like brown rice, and nuts have higher concentrations of Myo-inositol. In scientific research, it is proven that consumption of 2g of inositol for six months will ameliorate the condition of PCOS. The supplements of inositol are also available in the market and after consulting with your health practitioner, consume inositol. 


There are several herbs that help to curtail insulin resistance and tune the menstrual cycle. The litany of herbs that amaze us with their beneficial effects on insulin resistance and inflammation associated with PCOS are cinnamon, licorice, berberine, an extract found in berberis arista, salacia reticulata, turmeric, fenugreek. These herbs, especially berberis arista, have proven to have anti-diabetic and lipid-lowering properties. It also inhibits pro-inflammatory components like IL-6 and TNF-∝ which causes insulin resistance in the first place. Salacia Reticulata reduces postprandial glucose absorption and insulin resistance and has an anti-obesity effect as well. Having said its benefits, now you might all wonder where do I find all these herbs? Atmantan Naturals brings in a combination of these herbs called Dia-Solve that incites the glucose-lipid metabolism, negates inflammatory factors, and reduces insulin resistance. Most importantly, there would be no side effects in having this combination. 

4. ZINC:

Zinc is an essential mineral that is found naturally in foods and can be supplemented as well. It is considered to be a potent antioxidant that prevents cellular damage and inflammation. Zinc and PCOS are inexplicably related, and their deficiency may indicate the dawn of the disorder. The oral contraceptives which are prescribed for treating PCOS deplete the body of critical essential nutrients like zinc, selenium, folate, and vitamin B12. In fact, a study found that zinc levels were the most accurate indicator of PCOS along with sonography and cholesterol levels. The crux of the point is zinc depletion may further escalate the risk of diabetes, obesity, and glucose intolerance. Hair fall or excess hair growth is a bothersome aspect of PCOS caused by excess androgens. Zinc supplements have been shown to block the surplus androgen and moderate hair growth. It also reduces the occurrence of mood swings and depression due to hormonal imbalance. The foods rich in zinc are soybeans, chickpeas, nuts and seeds like almonds, pumpkin seeds, cashews and other non-vegetarian sources. Thus, taking zinc supplements can be very helpful in treating the root cause of the disease.


Collagen is the most abundant form of protein we have in our body. It is imperative for the integrity of the bones, tendons, ligaments, hairs, nails, and skin as well. As mentioned earlier, PCOS may cause skin pigmentation and other skin issues, for which collagen is the best panacea and it remediates the hormonal balance and regulates the uptake of glucose. Speaking of PCOS, we cannot neglect gut homeostasis. The gut is the production unit of hormones and monitors the upregulation of hormones like estrogen and progesterone. Collagen, in the form of collagen peptides and bone broth, is a key to supporting gut health. Not only does it improve the skin, it also precludes the hair fall caused by fluctuating hormones.
Pro-collagen from Atmantan Naturals is a most needed supplement that replenishes the skin texture, builds the connective tissues and governs the integrity of our gut.


Vitamin D deficiency is prevalent in women with PCOS. Why do we need vitamin D to alleviate PCOS? Vitamin D receptors in the body help the genes that are critical for glucose and fat metabolism. Low vitamin D levels might exacerbate the symptoms of PCOS, including insulin resistance, ovulatory, menstrual irregularities, infertility, hyperandrogenism, obesity and elevate the risk of cardiovascular diseases, says scientific research. Vitamin D supplementation can lower the abnormally elevated hormones like androgen, an anti-mullerian hormone that is known to cause infertility. It improves mood and normalizes the menstrual cycle. 


It may be surprising to know our gut is related to PCOS. Probiotics are important for PCOS as they restore balance to the gut ecosystem. The gut microbiome regulates the estrogen hormone and also helps in the metabolism of vitamin D. In PCOS, the level of inflammatory markers is so high that it affects the receptors of insulin. Our gut and its microbes release anti-inflammatory molecules that negate the inflammation. It also helps in elevating the mood with other hormones like serotonin. Probiotic supplementation bears direct and indirect benefits in people with PCOS.

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