Optimise the quality of life and well-being with good fats.

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Purified sardine oil:1000 mg
Omega 3 Fatty acids comprising 300 mg EPA and 200 mg DHA


2-4 soft gels per day immediately after food, or as prescribed by the healers of Atmantan Naturals I Pregnant and lactating women, should consult their physician prior to use I For children below 10 years of age, please consult our healers for dosage of this supplement


Omega 3. We’ve all heard about its benefits. And we’ve all read and debated endlessly about its sources and how best to incorporate it into the diet - wild Atlantic salmon vs. farmed salmon, berries (of course, seasonal), seeds and nuts (allergen warning!)  It’s a whole lot to take in, right? Wrong! Atmantan Naturals Omega 3 supplement is a fabulous, round-the-year way to enjoy all the brain-developing benefits of Omega 3 minus all the brain work!

  • Essential Fatty Acid, EPA-DHA supplement  
  • Preventive and curative in nature 
  • Alleviates symptoms of eczema, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, infertility etc.  


What does Omega 3 treat? Can it effectively treat cholesterol?


Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid supplement with EPA-DHA that promotes well-being. Atmantan Naturals Omega 3 supplement can be used both as a preventive and as a treatment formula. Omega 3 is a Double Strength formula for the heart, skin, bones and brain. Its incredible benefits include – treating conditions that range from eczema, fertility issues, heart diseases, Alzheimer’s, skin issues, Parkinson’s, PCOD etc.

Omega 3 helps to maintain the natural health of the blood vessels. Regular intake of Omega 3 is important to increase the good cholesterol, and to stabilise the LDL Cholesterol. Omega 3 also helps prevent oxidative damages of lipid particles and reduces the risk of complications.

What are the key ingredients of this product?
I am suffering from Diabetes, can this help?
How do I benefit from this formulation?


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