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Acute Inflammation and lifestyle can be rectified with timely intervention

Case study of a 51 year old suffering from Ankylosing spondylitis, knee pain and impaired gait

51 year old gentleman with a history of Ankylosing spondylitis (an inflammatory disease that can over time even cause some of the bones in the spine to fuse) with the Auto-immune marker HLAB27 positive (Ankylosing spondylitis has no known specific cause, though genetic factors seem to be involved) decided to consult with our Healers. In particular, people who have a gene called HLA-B27 are at a greatly increased risk of developing ankylosing spondylitis, however, only some people with this gene develop the condition). He also complained about pain in his left knee, due to which his gait was waddling mildly and he was limping a tad too. 

He wished to align his posture and to reduce his knee pain. Upon his Doctor consultation, it was realised that he had a history of high cholesterol and his blood reports also showed a high C Reactive Protein (A high CRP reading is a sign of acute inflammation). He was recommended Physiotherapy for his range of motion at the spine level that was compromised and he even suffered from a hunched back. There was also a mild leg length discrepancy. 

The prescribed treatment modalities consisted of rehabilitation exercise along with a grain-free diet along with freshly made kadas to combat the chronic inflammation. He was also immediately given Atmantan Naturals’ Super Antiox 6 supplement (as an antioxidant) Boswellia Max (to reduce joint swelling) and Natflam 6 (for reducing systemic inflammation).  

As the Doctor regularly corresponded with the guest, it was seen that in a month or so his cholesterol markers had improved, along with his range of motion which had increased and the stiff muscles had started easing up as well. His postural improvements were even evident to the naked eye. 

The guest was well on his way to a superior and improved lifestyle and had decided to stick to the plan as far as possible to improve his quality of life.

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