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Success Stories

One more Insulin resistant person misdiagnosed as suffering from Type 2 Diabetes.

Case study on weight loss and reversing insulin resistance! 

This 44 year old lady guest who a known case of Type 2 Diabetes, had also been struggling to lose weight for a while. She decided to consult with our healers for she had heard of our Diabetes Reversal approach!

Upon consultation and diagnostics, our Doctors realised she was not a case of Type 2 Diabetes but was in fact insulin resistant! Since she was already on Diabetic medications, her fasting blood sugar on admission was 103 mg/dl. And she also shared that she had been suffering from disturbed sleep

She was prescribed a strict anti-inflammatory diet along with indigenous therapeutic shots for heart health, Diabetes control and insomnia. She was also prescribed the Atmantan Naturals’ supplements of Diasolve (for her insulin resistance), Digestive Enzymes (to improve digestion and combat gut inflammation) and Fat Blazer (as a fat burner).

She followed this regime after 2 months not only had her sleep had improved tremendously, but she had gotten off her diabetic medications completely and lost weight!

  • Her fasting blood sugar was down to 90 mg/dl from 103 mg/dl (and this was achieved without her regular allopathic medications!).
  • Losing weight that had always been impossible for her had also been conquered, as she had now finally tackled some of the inflammation in her body and managed to lose 4+ kgs. Feeling extremely positive at not just losing weight but also at having learnt to manage her diabetes naturally, she was determined to continue to stay on this path of transformation.
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