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Undiagnosed Insulin Resistance Was The Root Cause of Weight Gain & Skin Discolouration!

Case Study on Insulin Resistance

20-year-old young girl who was suffering from recent weight gain (over the last 6 months), and darkened discolouration at the back of the neckinner thighs and under arms, also she also had complaints of cystic acne, and thickened white discharge (with a history of a vaginal yeast infection).

No investigations had been conducted for her and she had simply been treated with antibiotics, and topical steroids for skin. After the antibiotic course, she had even started developing severe nausea and the acne on her skin had increased instead of decreasing.

As a conscious youngster, she was desperately looking for a solution to her weight and pigmentation. She got in touch with our healers.

Certain blood tests were recommended and upon results, the Doctor realised that she was insulin resistant and that her infection was of a fungal origin!

She was immediately started on a Atmantan Naturals’ Supplementation of replenishment with a higher dose of Omega 3 fatty acids along with Dia-Solve (for Insulin efficiency), and Pre-gut (Prebiotics for gut health) and natural anti-fungal medications. Besides this, she was also prescribed a therapeutic meal plan that also consisted of fasting therapy along with a high intake of antioxidant rich foods.

She was also told to take on a routine that consisted of 1-2 hours of fitness activities daily consisting of a mix of Yoga and cardio workouts.

She was under the monitoring of the Naturals Doctor and had stayed on track with the recommended programme. She started noticing changes as she started losing weight (She lost 6 kgs in the following weeks) and her vaginal discharge had also completely disappeared. 

There was also a significant reduction in the dark black discolouration at the back of her neck, her under arms, and inner thighs; Naturally her state of mind had also improved tremendously. Her insulin resistance had also lowered (evident from weight loss and changes in her blood markers) due to the Omega 3 fatty acids, Dia-solve along with a low carbohydrate diet that she was following. This transformation along with the desired weight loss had created positive changes in her attitude as well.

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