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When suffering from Sleep, Weight Gain, Mental Health Concerns etc. one should begin by getting the right guidance.

Suffering from Sleep, Weight Gain, Mental Health

A 51 year old guest had some other complex series of disorders of high Blood Pressure, hyper acidity, ED, weight gain, lack of sleep, allergies and all this had led to a compromised state of mental health.

He got in touch with the Naturals Healers to start working on his health and lose some weight.

He was recommended a detoxifying lifestyle including Yoga and Meditation, along with a low carbohydrate and a cleansing liquid diet. All this along with NATURALS supplementation of Gastrocare, Relax Aid, Omega 3, and Allergy Care. 

These in unison brought about the much needed changes for the patient. 

Over 4 months, he lost almost 8 kgs of weight along and his BP reading stabilised at 130/80. His anxiety attacks, his hyperacidity and his sleep had also improved considerably. In fact, while being in touch with the healer over these few months, he also noticed a visible drop in food cravings! 

He was now in a more positive state and felt empowered in life; he wanted to live more proactively rather than in a defeatist manner and had promised himself an improved lifestyle after seeing such heartening results. 

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