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Diabetes is a metabolic disorder characterised by high blood sugar levels. The body doesn’t produce enough insulin or can’t use the available insulin to move sugar from the blood into the cells so that it can be stored or used for energy. Diabetes is caused by high visceral fat which results in insulin resistance. Atmantan Naturals’ Diabetes Supplement Kit approaches diabetes from all angles, namely insulin resistance, adipose tissue inflammation, and visceral fat, making this a diabetes kit that gives you a holistic solution to living comfortably with diabetes and is also prescribed as an insulin resistance supplement.

Atmantan Naturals’ Dia-Solve is a powerful combination of herbs that reduce insulin resistance and inflammatory processes within the adipose tissue. This takes care of the insulin resistance and inflammation aspect of this disease. 

Atmantan Naturals’ Super Antiox 6 is a herbal neutraceutical combination that reduces the formation of free radicals, and the damage caused by these free radicals while keeping the metabolism at optimum range.

Atmantan Naturals’ Gut 360+ is a probiotic that has incredibly beneficial effects on factors related to diabetes, such as insulin sensitivity and inflammation. The Gut 360+ enhances the gut microbiota, which in turn plays a positive role in nutrient metabolism and immune function, and is also known to impact the development and management of diabetes.

Atmantan Naturals’ Omega 3 boosts fatty acid metabolism to produce energy. It can also quell sugar cravings and the need to stress or emotionally eat, by burning the fat stored in the adipose tissue and converting it into energy.

As a health sugar management kit, this combi is highly potent, natural, and result-oriented. In fact, these are also recommended supplements to reverse insulin resistance.

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Diabetes Supplement kit

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