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Hypertension is that state of being when the body is constantly on the edge where the blood pressure in the arteries are constantly elevated, like a vessel on full boil. Hypertension escapes the radar in its early stages because it doesn’t necessarily cause any health issues. But in the long term, it can cause significant cardiovascular damage. 

While reasons for hypertension can vary from age, gender, diet, stress, and exercise amongst environmental factors, Atmantan Naturals’ Hypertension Supplement Kit (natural supplements to lower blood pressure) primarily addresses the most important factor – impaired nitric oxide production in the blood vessels which results in dysfunction of the lining inside the arteries! This blood pressure-reducing supplements combo has been carefully put together to counter longstanding hypertension that can cause undesired changes due to inflammatory response amongst other complications.  

Atmantan Naturals’ Omega 3 boosts the production of nitric oxide in the blood vessels and normalises blood pressure. With much less peroxide, it prevents vascular damage and ageing caused by oxidative stress. 

Atmantan Naturals’ Relax Aid is a combination of the herbal triumvirate – Ashwagandha, Champaca, and St. John’s Wort. This, as natural blood pressure supplements (natural bp supplements) help counter hypertension at the early stages, especially caused by uncontrolled stress and sleep deprivation. Ashwagandha helps the body produce more happy hormones and in this combination, works as a powerful stress buster and induces deep, relaxing sleep.

Atmantan Naturals’ Anti-Ox3 has co Q10 and lycopene which increase the cardiac and vascular antioxidant property. It also comprises of omega 3 fatty acids which are strong anti-inflammatory molecules.

Atmantan Naturals’ Virgin Coconut Oil as a saturated fat increases healthy HDL levels and also helps in the structural stabilisation of LDL, both of which contribute to the reduction of hypertension.

These natural supplements for hypertension are a potent combination of herbal ingredients, making them the best supplements for high blood pressure.

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