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Upper Respiratory Tract Infections
Management Kit

Anti-Inflammatory. Anti-allergy. Expectorant.


Upper respiratory tract infections are one of the most common issues noted by sore or itchy throat and wet or dry cough. Multiple common reasons can trigger an infection including change in weather, infection and allergies which can result in broncho spasms or breathlessness/suffocation. Atmantan Naturals Upper Respiratory Tract Infections Management Kit treats the allergy responses and addresses the underlying infection. 

Atmantan Naturals Allergy Care desensitises the allergy receptors that trigger upper respiratory tract reactions. This herbal formula is a potent antibiotic as well.  Andographis Paniculata is a antimicrobial that counters biofilm coating and airway tract inflammation. 

Atmantan Naturals Breathe Easy is a mix of herbs including Vasa (Adathoda Vasica) that works as a strong broncho dialator and expectorant, thus helping ease breathing. 

Atmantan Naturals Omega 3 is one of the safest and natural anti-inflammatory supplements available. This shields you from acute or chronic inflammatory or allergic responses to environmental factors.

In This Package

Fights Against Food & Seasonal Allergies

Detox Your Lungs. Breathe Better.

Optimise The Quality Of Life And Well-being With Good Fats.

Upper Respiratory Tract Infections Management Kit


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