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High Blood Pressure along with IBS are signs of ongoing inflammation in the body.

Case study of a 63 year old suffering from hypertension, IBS and weight gain

63-year-old male patient who had been diagnosed as suffering from Hypertension for the last 20 years and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) for the last 10 years consulted with our healers looking for much needed relief.

During the Doctor consult, along with his case history of high Blood Pressure and IBS, he also mentioned his complaints of cervical and lower back pain, along with feeling constantly fatigued. The guest also had surgical past history of Coronary Angioplasty conducted 6 months ago! (Presently he was consuming medications for hypertension, antiplatelets to prevent clots and statins for high cholesterol!) He also complained of loosely formed stools and incomplete evacuation of bowels. (As per him, he passed 4-5 times motions a day).

After some added tests, the guest was prescribed a low carbohydrate and moderate fat, anti-inflammatory diet, along with dietary probiotics. All this was supplemented with Atmantan Naturals’ Gastrocare (to treat H Pylori and bloating), Gut Revive (superior pre-biotic mix that repairs and nourishes the gut), Digestive Enzymes (for gut health and to curb gut inflammation), a combination especially recommended as an IBS management kit, and Anti-Ox 3 (a lipid antioxidant to improve the vascular health and to reduce oxidative damage).

He was also told to take on physiotherapy sessions for flexibility improvement and body therapies for release of trigger points. This would over time help ease out the tension in the muscles and reduced his spasm as well.

Over the following months, as the Doctor monitored the patient, an overall transformation was achieved…

  • His frequency of motion had reduced to 2, to a maximum of 3 times a day.
  • He had also lost some weight (and this weight loss assisted a physio improvement as well) add thanks to this and the regular rehabilitation sessions, his pain scale and his range of movements had improved
  • Even his Blood pressure which had been 139/94 mmHg (with medication) at the time of the first consult had now normalised to 122/84 mmHg (and this was achieved without allopathic medications)! However he was asked to regularly monitor his blood pressure going forward as well.

He felt extremely empowered at having not such rectified his IBS but also normalised his BP, and was motivated to continue to maintain a healthy weight, through this newly learnt improved lifestyle.

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