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Hypothyroidism Can Always Be Combated With Willpower And The Right Guidance

This lady guest had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism 3 years ago & was on prescribed medication of Thyronorm 75 mg per day.

She was naturally also worried about the associated weight gain and connected with the Atmantan Naturals healers looking for a solution. Despite having followed a low carbohydrate diet in her daily life, this 49-year-old had failed to see any results hence was also looking for a treatment of the root causes and a diet plan.

She was a very sincere and receptive guest when it came to sticking to the plan curated for her; the doctors recommended tests to understand the muscle and fat scoring and energy balance. Post analysis, she was put on a personalised lifestyle and diet plan.

Over the next month and half she stuck to a high-fat low-carb diet with probiotics. Along with her diet, she supplemented with Atmantan Naturals OMEGA 3 Fatty acids (Preventive formula for the heart, skin, bones and brain), THYROCARE (For improved thyroid performance and hormone balancer), SUPER ANTIOX 6 (Prevents oxidative damage & inflammation in the bio-system), and FAT BLAZER (For improved metabolism). 

She was also told to add a fitness routine that included personal training and physiotherapy sessions that was to include a mix of active stretching, core strengthening, fat burning & metabolism inducing workouts.  Along with these, she was told to take on Yoga practices for de-stress.

She followed the given protocol to the tee, and was rewarded for her hard work within 2 months with an incredible weight loss of 6 kilograms (with all the hypothyroid symptoms almost gone) and this included a reduced visceral fat reading as well.

The guest had tried to lose weight all along but had never been able to in the past; She was extremely grateful for the diet & lifestyle protocol that made her feel energetic & active through the day! This became another successful hypothyroidism case study for all of us.

She continues with the prescribed diet, fitness plan and the NATURALS’ supplements … she now knows how to better manage her symptoms and continue on her wellness journey even at home!

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