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Premature Ageing
Management Kit

Younger Joints. Skin Elasticity. Energiser.


Ageing is inevitable. But the effects of ageing thankfully can be delayed. As we grow older, our body tends to succumb to the effects of age. The most obvious signs being an increased susceptibility to infection, degenerative changes to our bones and joints, muscles get weaker and the skin loses it elasticity and tone. The right diet, the right exercise and the right lifestyle can slow down ageing to a large extent. Atmantan Naturals’ Premature Ageing Management Kit is that big speed-breaker right here for you. 

Atmantan Naturals’ Pro Collagen supplements the bones, tendons, ligaments, skin, hair and nails with the nourishment to retain their vitality.
Our natural formula helps to maintain the integrity of all these tissues and thereby keep them young. 

Atmantan Naturals’ Omega 3 fortifies the skin with essential fatty acids, a vital component that helps the skin retain its elasticity and remain hydrated. This slows down the effects of ageing far more strongly than only topically-applied ageing deterrents. Atmantan Naturals Omega 3 also slows down vascular ageing – keeping you young at heart, quite literally and physiologically.

Atmantan Naturals’ Super Antiox 6 is a herbal nutraceutical combination which reduces your free radical damage and formation (which if left unattended to, leads to ageing!).

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Premature Ageing Management Kit


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