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Diabetes and Dyslipidemia are all both treatable once you decide on it!

43-year-old lady was a diagnosed case of uncontrolled Diabetes and High Triglycerides (Lipid Imbalance-Dyslipidemia); She wanted to sincerely look for alternative ways to manage her condition; She as a person was also very receptive to lifestyle modifications and herbal medicines too. This is why she chose to consult with the Atmantan Naturals Healers.

After an in-depth consultation with our Doctor, she was recommended an anti-inflammatory and cleansing diet that consisted of low carbohydrates along with recommended fats and fibres. 

She was also started on Atmantan Naturals supplements of Dia-solve to reduce the insulin resistance and adipose tissue inflammation, Anti-ox3 to help improve the good cholesterol and also to reduce inflammation, Pre-Gut (Prebiotics) to expel the bile acids thereby also reduce cholesterol, Curcumin+ (anti-oxidative and enhances the immune system) and Nutri Liver (for liver detox).

The results in this diabetes case study were truly heartening.

Over the next few months…

Her HbA1c dropped from 10.9% to 7% (Normal is below 5.7%)

Her Triglycerides dropped from 355 to 180 mg/dl (Normal should be less than 150).

And her LDL Cholesterol (bad cholesterol) dropped from 111 to 92 mg/dl (normal readings should be less than 100).

And her Total Cholesterol dropped from 217 to 205 mg/dl (normal should be less than 200).

While some readings had absolutely normalised, her glucose levels were also seen to be steadily improving. Very happy with her results and transformation, the guest was determined to keep up with the learnings. Her faith in alternative healing was proven right yet again!

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