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Getting Back To Pre-surgery Fitness Level, Is The Best Form Of Recovery

30 year old endurance athlete came in to consult with the Atmantan Naturals healers with the motive to regain his flexibility and to ease his muscle spasm. With history of surgery of a fractured limb, which had rendered him incapable of continuing his regular workout at the intensity of before. 

The muscle spasm had also resulted in compromised mobility, while fatigue and flexibility concerns had risen primarily due to disuse post-surgery. He was thus seeking a prescription to improve his fitness levels so that he could return to his regular exercise routine.

Post the consultation, our Doctor advised him to go in for daily physiotherapy to regain his strength and endurance. He was told he needed to relax the muscles, and improve flexibility with passive stretches and other aided personal fitness workouts.

His prescribed diet was also to be structured around high protein, moderate fat and low carbs. This diet was supplemented with Atmantan Naturals’ SUPER ANTIOX 6 (to prevent oxidative damage), CURCUMIN+ (anti-oxidative and immunity enhancer), OMEGA 3 fatty acids (for cardio vascular health), and PRO-COLLAGEN (for skin, bone and cartilage health).

Within a month itself, he started seeing tangible improvements. His endurance had improved and he felt his body had become more supple and he was even able to perform movements in the transverse plane!

His sincerity with the diet and regular physiotherapy had tremendously improved his postural scale and body equilibrium, which was back to almost normal now. He had healed from his severe muscle spasms, and as an athlete felt his body was now lighter and fitter. 

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